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The 5 Best Gifts for Clients This Holiday Season

With the holidays rolling around, many advisors are struggling to figure out what gifts their clients would appreciate.

The criteria that defines a great gift is:

  • It should be about them, not about you. Make sure that the only branding on your gift is your clients. Don’t give them something with your logo on it.
  • It should show that you value their business
  • It should be thoughtful and look like it required effort

With this criteria in mind, here are 5 gifts that advisors can rely on to help build a relationship:

A gift for the soul.

If you get your clients a spa voucher to indulge in a massage, facial or manicure, it would be hard for them not to feel gratitude. After all who doesn’t appreciate feeling good physically or mentally?

An amazing memory.

Consider giving your clients an experiential gift. The experience could range from a jet ski rental, a cooking class at a high end restaurant, a luxury car to use for a day, to an indoor sky diving excursion. Giving experience based gifts to your clients and to the people who refer you to others, can really help build your business. Not all experiences need to cost a lot, but they do need to be thoughtful and relevant for the receiver.

A great book.

A well-considered book can make an excellent gift. Although it’s tempting to send someone an eBook, stick to a physical book to make the gift more memorable, tactile and meaningful. The book should be accompanied by a card, explaining the choice and the meaning.

A gift from the heart.

One gift, that never goes wrong, is a donation made on the client’s behalf to a charity. If you know of a cause that resonates with your clients, this is way to show them you care.

The gift that keeps on giving.

For the advisor who wants to stay in front of the client months after the gift is given, consider a magazine subscription or a membership.

A magazine subscription works well, because there is one for almost any interest a client could have, and they arrive every month, reminding the client of you.

Another option is a membership. If you have a client that has expressed an interest in Yoga, consider a 3- month membership to local Yoga studio. You might have a client that loves flowers, so you could gift them with a 6 month flower delivery. These gifts can be fun, memorable and leave a lasting impression.