Level A $1750 Level B $425 Level C $295
Personalized, Hand-wrapped Gifts, and Hand-written Cards 5 gifts per year 3 gifts per year 2 gifts per year
Customized articles, books, or handwritten notes sent via mail 12 per year 3 per year
Ticketed event for two (ie. Concerts, Museum Admissions, Private Culinary Events, etc.)

Get up and running in a matter of minutes. Just click here to schedule a call with a client appreciation specialist.

Here’s what happens on the call:

  1. We’ll help you prepare a list of clients you want to nurture (100% confidential) and fill out the Client Porter intake form.
  2. You’ll pick the appreciation package level you’d like for each client
  3. Then we’ll send you a custom program outline to review and approve
  4. Your program will launch within 14 days of approval
  5. Sit back and wait for delivery alerts and happy feedback from your clients
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People never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou.

Client Porter ensures that the customized gifts, amazing experiences, and personalized messages are branded to your firm and “delivered” directly from you.

  • Comes from you (we just do all the work)
  • Personal and tailored to the client and their family- nothing is cookie cutter
  • Fully transparent: you are notified of every client interaction before it happens
  • Packaging: we offer top of the line wrapping paper, handwritten cards for an elegant presentation


Prospective clients ultimately want to do business with those they trust and who they feel have their best interest at heart. One of the best ways to stand out from the competition, is to show your prospects that you care.

Client Porter helps you develop new connections, nurture relationships, and solidify bonds. While using Client Porter’s gifting campaigns, members have found great success with:

    • Scheduling virtual meetings with potential clients
    • Connecting with prospects after an initial meeting
    • Welcoming new clients
    • Continuing to strengthen connections with current clients
    • Acquiring new clients through current clients who brag about their gifts, handwritten notes, and experiences!

The Bottom Line: Client Porter was born so you can make your prospects, referral sources, and clients feel special. We specialize in delighting your clients with personalized messages, world class gifts and amazing experiences.


Research shows that it’s 5 times more expensive to attract a new client, than it is to retain an existing client. Client retention pays dividends:

    • It is easier and more cost efficient to upsell and cross-sell to a current client than it is to onboard a new one. Remember that your current clients already love the services you offer, so it is more time efficient to sell to them, than to market to new clients who might not be aware of your company.
    • Research confirms that the best referral sources for new clients is through word of mouth. The most effective source of new business actually comes from your current customers. And, best of all, this referral source has no cost to you. Focus on deepening your relationships with your current clients. This can pay out dividends when it comes to your company’s growth.

The Bottom Line:

With Client Porter you get a team of experts focused on creating genuine and lasting bonds with your clients, and their families. Handwritten cards, milestone celebrations, and personalized gifts throughout the year show your clients that they are at the top of your mind. When they receive thoughtful communication from you, it helps you stand out from all of the competition.