Client Porter

Think Emails Are Enough? Think Again.

For most companies, emails have become the sole means of communication for clients. And you may be thinking, why is that a problem? Well, your clients’ email inboxes are being inundated everyday. Many of these emails are deleted immediately or left unread. In order to differentiate yourself from the competition, you have to go beyond mass produced emails. But how? Here are a few tried and true ways to grab your client’s attention.

Sending Hand-Written Cards:

Have you been sending e-greetings for birthdays or holidays to your clients? While there is some thought there, many of these e-greetings get lost in the endless inbox abyss. Clients appreciate knowing that you took extra care and effort for them, so send out hand-written cards for holidays, birthdays, and special events. Pro Tip: Address the envelopes by hand, so your clients feel special opening them right from the start!

Sending Personalized Gifts:

After initial interactions with clients, many companies send branded Welcoming packaging to their clients. Sending a gift through the mail definitely shows clients that they are appreciated, respected, and valued. But, consider the kind of gift that you are sending. In lieu of a company branded gift, reflect on something that you learned about the client during your meeting. Did they say that they enjoy cooking? Then, consider sending a hard-cover cookbook and inscribing  a personalized thank you note on the front inside-cover. This is a gift that they will continually use and your company will be on their mind during nightly meal prep. Pro Tip: Clients tend to brag about personalized and thoughtful gifts which could mean an even larger business network for you!


The next time you’re about to click send on your email, think about whether you can find a more personalized and custom way to reach out to your clients. If it’s difficult to find the time and energy for this, try outsourcing this work to a turn-key personalized client appreciation program like Client Porter.