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9 Personalized Gifts to Send Your Clients This Summer

Do you know what all successful companies have in common? A strong client acquisition and retention plan. This starts with building a strong relationship with your clients, prioritizing their needs, and showing them how much you care.

Gifting can be one of the best ways to develop new connections, nurture relationships, and solidify bonds. While living in an age of abundant technology, gifting can help push through the constant noise, and bring a moment of nostalgia and connection to your clients.

Before sending a gift, think about what you know about your client…

Does your client have kids?

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This Plant Buddy Activity Kit gives step-by-step photo instructions to make it easy for young gardeners to build their own adorable garden friend.
Rainbow Tic Tac Toe Game
This floating Rainbow Tic-Tac-Toe Float is perfect for the pool, grass, or beach!
This Indoor/Outdoor Scavenger Hunt is fun for the whole family. They can discover nature and the world all around them.

Does your client enjoy spending time outside?

Bluetooth Speaker & Water Bottle
This Bluetooth Speaker & Water Bottle is a perfect addition on anyone’s morning bike ride or mountain hike.
Dark Skies is a practical guide for those that like to stargaze on a warm summer night. (For a special surprise, write a hand-written note in the front cover for your client to read)
Radiate is a convenient, portable, and reusable camp fire. It’s perfect for an overnight camping trip, a late night on the beach, or a backyard hangout.

Does your client enjoy spending the summer with their pups?

Dog Bowl Bottle
This convertible canteen lets your client and their pet drink from the same source while on the go.
This full-body water flotation will keep their pup safe, even on the most exciting summer travel trips.
Aesop 16.9 oz. Aesop Animal Shampoo
Aesop’s animal wash is a mild skin and fur wash with deodorizing properties that will get your client’s animals washed up and smelling good, no matter how much time they spent outdoors.

Many companies feel that they don’t have the time to consistently show their clients the appreciation they deserve. If this sounds familiar, consider reaching out to a company like Client Porter, who creates personalized turn-key client appreciation programs for your clients.