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3 Surprising Times Where Gifting Saves the Day

Why is gifting important?

As a company, gifting can be one of the best ways to develop new connections, nurture relationships, and solidify bonds. Gifts provide an optimal medium to show the recipient that you’re willing to put in extra effort to show how much you care. 

While living in an age of abundant technology, gifting can help push through the constant noise, and bring a moment of nostalgia and connection to your clients and employees. 

What are the best gifting circumstances?

1.After Your Initial Meeting 

There is a lot of preparation work that happens before meeting with your client. You research thoroughly, develop your plan, and practice a seamless presentation. But, after your client walks out the door, how do you make sure you leave a lasting impression? The answer is gifting. This is the perfect opportunity to develop a connection with your potential client.

Gifting can also be an effective tool to re-engage a prospective client that has gone dark. If you’ve struggled to connect with your prospective client through email or by phone, a personalized gift is sure to get a response, usually in the form of a “thank you” phone call. This is a perfect opportunity to answer any lingering questions and show them that their business matters to you.

2. Welcome for new clients

Congratulations, you signed your new client! Signing your new client  creates an opportunity to start your relationship off on the right foot. You want your client to know that you have their best interest in mind and that you plan on working closely with them. A lot of firms send clients on their way with a bunch of stuff (like folders and pens) that end up in the trash. Sending a thoughtful gift that relates to your clients interests, hobbies, or an upcoming life event is the perfect way to extend your gratitude for your new relationship.

3. A reward for employees

Gifting is a crucial way to extend your gratitude. And, sometimes the best way to grow your business is to extend your gratitude to your employees. Think about thoughtful rewards that your employees would enjoy. Would they appreciate a giftcard to their favorite restaurant, new toys to enjoy with their toddler at home, or a few new beach reads for their upcoming vacation?

A few things to remember about gifting…

  • Gifting should be personalized and thoughtful; leave the branded pens and stationary in your desk. 
  • A hand-written note helps establish a relationship that shows that you care
  • Gifts don’t need to be expensive, but they should be targeted and something your client will appreciate
  • The perfect gift can help you stand out from your competitors.

Many companies feel that they don’t have the time to consistently show their clients the appreciation they deserve. If this sounds familiar, consider reaching out to a company like Client Porter, who creates personalized turn-key client appreciation programs for your clients.