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6 Ways to Surprise and Delight Your Clients

Did you know, it’s 5 times more expensive to attract a new client, than it is to retain an existing client? The easiest way to retain your clients is to build personal and thoughtful relationships over time. Delighting your clients doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are a few easy ways to make your clients feel special. 

Acknowledge Important Moments: A simple way to build a relationship with your client is to help them celebrate their happy life moments. Keep a record of your client’s important life moments, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and business milestones. Then, give them a call or send a hand-written note to help them celebrate these times. 

Targeted Gifts: Surprise gifts in the mail are a great way for your clients to know that you are thinking about them. Gifts don’t necessarily need to be expensive, but they should be personalized. 

Consider your client’s hobbies and interests. For example, a gift basket for the new family puppy, or a new book for an upcoming beach vacation can be a great way to show that you’re listening and interested in your client’s well being. 

Keep Detailed Notes: Staying up to date on your client’s needs will help you build a personal and thoughtful relationship. Keep detailed notes about your interactions with your clients. Jot down any important changes, upcoming events, or concerns they may have. It helps to be proactive and ready to assist with any big changes or issues.  

Listen to Feedback: Receiving and reacting to feedback is one of the best tools you have for client retention. Give your clients an opportunity for open communication and feedback. Surveys produce a great medium for client feedback. After receiving the results of your survey, make it a point to create changes and address any of the concerns they have. The worst thing you can do is get feedback and not acknowledge it, even if you can’t immediately implement every change they ask for. The key here is for a client to feel heard and seen. 

Make Clients Feel Comfortable: Spend some time thinking about how to create an environment that will make clients feel comfortable and at ease. Once you begin to invite clients back into your office, consider making clients feel at home by adding comfortable couches, providing refreshments, or creating a reserved parking spot dedicated for their visit. 

Design Specific Events: Show your clients you understand their needs by putting together events that are targeted for them. You might invite them to events or webinars that help educate their children on financial literacy, or find charity events that are targeted and focused for organizations they care about. For example, if you know your client lost a close aunt to breast cancer, let them know that your office is participating in an event that raises awareness and invite them to take part. You can also run your own event with a local charity like a soup kitchen, hospital or school. The more involved you get in your local organizations, the more opportunity you have to give back and encourage clients to do the same. 

By staying focused on your client’s needs and concerns, you can find many ways to cultivate and further develop your relationships with your clients. And just remember, a great way to build your business is through client referrals. So, when you surprise and delight one client, it can turn into more clients walking through your door. 

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