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Back To Basics: 2 Ways To Personalize Your Client Communication

With the influx of technology and surge of social media, sometimes clients feel like they’re missing the basics- personalized communication. Studies have shown that building relationships is essential to retaining your clients. Here are two ways that you can personalize communication with your clients.

1. Sending Personalized Articles

Foster your client relationships by regularly sending out personalized articles. Do you have a client that is embarking on sending their first child off to college? Consider mailing them an article about the best universities in their area. Sending meaningful articles via snail mail is a great opportunity to show clients that your relationship is valued and that you’re thinking of them. Try adding a personal note like the one below!

Dear Heather and Jim,
I came across this article about The Best Colleges For Every Major. I thought that it might be something you were interested in reading, since you mentioned that your daughter, Amber, is ready to start searching for colleges. I hope this helps in your ongoing search. I can’t wait to hear how it goes!
Bob Hanley                      
B.H. Wealth Management        

2. Personalized Experiences

Ever heard how memories last a lifetime? Delivering a personalized experience to your client can be the way to stay fresh in their memory. Consider gifting a Yankees fan, tickets for two at an upcoming ballgame, or gifting a cooking enthusiast, italian cooking lessons at a local restaurant. These are easy ways to show your clients that you listen, appreciate their business, and want to continue an ongoing relationship with them. An added bonus to gifting personalized experiences, is that clients tend to brag to their friends about their exciting night out and brag about who gifted the lifetime memory. Don’t be surprised if you end up having their network of friends call you for work!

Looking for more examples of how to personalize your client communication? Check out this sample.