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5 Gifts That Pay It Forward: How to give to your clients while also supporting worthy causes

There has been an abundance of research supporting that thoughtful and personalized gifts can strengthen the relationship between you and your clients. But, is it possible to support worthy causes while doing so? The answer is yes. In the last few years, a multitude of businesses have grown that support charitable causes. This makes it extra special to consider giving to both your clients and a deserving charity. 

Below you will find a list of 5 companies that offer gifts that continue to give.

1.Cupanion is a Canadian based company with the mission of getting rid of single use bottles. They have various reusable bottles in a variety of colors. Each bottle sold is enrolled in their “Fill It Up” program where Cupanion will donate to water-based programs each time your cup is refilled. They have donated 3,400,000+ cups of clean water since 2009.

2. Compartés is a gourmet chocolate company based out of California. They have a variety of chocolate bars, boxes, and towers that make for a special gift for your clients. Their chocolate boxes have a beautiful image of the map of Africa. Compartés is a unique company, because they donate a portion of their profits to the Relief International in Darfur.

3. Fire Department Coffee specializes in freshly roasted, quality coffee.The coffee is roasted and shipped to order, so you know that your client will be receiving a gourmet cup every time. Fire Department Coffee is a company created by Firefighters, that supports Firefighters. 10% of all proceeds supports firefighters and other first responders that are injured on the job mentally, physically, or those facing serious illnesses. 

4. Project 7’s mission is to work on fixing 7 areas of need throughout the world. Project 7 has connected with non profits around the world to donate proceeds of their sales. They sell everyday items such as gum and candy, and believe that, “Little purchases when added up, can pull many people together and make life changing impacts every day of the week.” Their items are made in the USA, with only the cleanest ingredients. These are great items, with a great cause, to add to clients’ gift baskets. 

5. Hand in Hand offers an assortment of soaps, body washes, scrubs, and lotions. Their products are made from organic ingredients that are also safe for the environment. Hand in Hand’s mission is to save lives by donating soap and building clean water wells to people in Haiti and Cambodia. They have donated over 1.6 million bars of soap and have provided thousands of people with clean water. Hand in Hand sells various gift sets that would be a perfect gift for any client.