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February Gift Ideas to Spread the Joy

With Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s a great time of year to strengthen client relationships. Many people send gifts over Christmas and New Years, but very few make an effort for Valentine’s Day, which means your gift is more likely to be noticed and appreciated.

Sometimes it can be tricky to find the perfect gift. Here are unique ideas that are sure to surprise and delight your clients.

Personalized Leather Bookmark with a Book Recommendation

Winter is the perfect time to curl up with a new good book. Take a few minutes to think about your client’s interests so you can send a book that you think they’ll enjoy. Or, have you read a good book lately? Send it along with a brief note about why you think they’ll enjoy it too. To delight your client even more, package their new book with a box of tea, speciality coffee, or a personalized bookmark.

Cooking Set

Do your clients enjoy spending time in the kitchen? Whether they are aspiring chefs, or just like to bake cupcakes with their grandkids, spread some joy by gifting a cooking set for your foodies. Delight your clients with a new cookbook, personalized apron, spice set, or cheese board.

Gifts for the fur baby

What’s better than spoiling the pups in the house? Sending some new toys, organic treats, or yummy smelling shampoo is a great way to let your clients know that you’re thinking about them, and their fur babies. Looking to send their household pup a personalized gift? Try sending a new collar with their name inscribed in it.

Movie Night Gift Set

Weekends are a perfect time for families to gather together for movie nights. Surprise your clients with a movie night gift package complete with flavored popcorn and a movie trivia book. Consider including a handwritten card with some movie recommendations, or ask your client to reach out to you to share any must-see movies they watched over the winter.

Many feel that they don’t have the time to consistently show their clients the appreciation they deserve. If this sounds familiar, consider reaching out to a company like Client Porter, who takes the time to research your clients to send the most personalized and thoughtful gifts out there. 

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