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3 Signs that it’s time to Outsource Your Client Appreciation Gifts

When it comes to client appreciation gifts, we’ve noticed several patterns for when businesses choose to create them in-house, and when they find they are better served by outsourcing that particular task.

To help you make your own informed decision, here are the top five signs that an advisors should outsource their client gifts:

1. You are struggling to find more hours in the day for your core business.

Most advisors already feel like they don’t have enough time to manage their business development activities, run their offices, return calls and prepare for meetings. If you find yourself struggling to shop for a client gift, remember a birthday card or write a “thank you” email, then you may need to consider another solution.

2. You’d rather have it done right the first time.

Many of our advisors are perfectionists. They also want to save time and money by having the gift done right, the first time, by using an expert. By using a professional service you benefit from not having to test-drive your way through a bunch of products yourself. You also get the added bonus of professional wrapping, memorable package design, and a handwritten note.

3. You have nightmares about the post office.

If we loath something we tend to avoid it… A lot of people have an aversion to the post office, and avoid sending out client gifts because of it. Outsourcing to a firm that handles all the fulfillment and delivery can be a relief. At Client Porter, we make sure you are notified with exactly what and when your clients receive gifts, so you get all the benefit, without any of the hassle.