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Top 5 Mistakes You’re Making With Client Gifts, and How to Fix Them

5. “Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”

Many companies think that generic cards will keep their clients happy. The problem is, this doesn’t show your clients how much you care. The reason you send cards, is to establish an ongoing and lasting relationship with your client. If your card isn’t personalized, you’re missing the thoughtful touch that your clients are longing for. Gather information ahead of time: What holidays does your client celebrate? Do they go somewhere special during the holidays? These are details you’ll want to address in your personalized cards. And don’t forget that to develop a thoughtful card, always make it handwritten and be specific when addressing your gratitude!

4. “When your customer comes first, the customer will last”

Most companies think that sending a gift to a client means sending company branded pens and notepads. This shows clients that your company is more important than the client’s needs. Instead, try to gather information about your client to send personalized gifts. Is your client an avid golfer? Try sending monogrammed golf balls. They’ll immediately see that you’re interests include putting them first. And, this is the first step to building a lasting relationship.

3. “Good packaging protects your product, great packaging protects your brand.”

Presentation is everything! It’s hard to make your clients feel special, when you send their gifts in a tattered, ripped envelope. You want your gifts to feel personalized and luxurious right from the start. The best way to do this is to package your gifts in a professional way. Add touches like tissue paper and ribbon to make a lasting impact.

2. “Long-term consistency trumps short term intensity”

While your clients appreciate the once a year holiday card and bottle of wine, often it’s not enough. Clients want to know that they are on your mind all year round. They want to feel appreciated with thoughtful gestures throughout the year. This can be as simple as sending birthday cards for the client’s family members or sending out a personalized gift 4-5 times a year.

1.“If you aren’t a little different than your competition, you’re in trouble”

Gifts with your company logo written all over them, just don’t feel special. To leave a lasting impression on your clients, think about their needs. Have they talked about planning an international trip? Consider sending a monogrammed, leather passport cover. Have they been talking about their favorite NBA team? Consider sending them tickets to a game. Gifts like these show that you know your clients well, and their happiness is essential to your ongoing relationship.