Why is gifting important? As a company, gifting can be one of the best ways to develop new connections, nurture relationships, and solidify bonds. Gifts provide an optimal medium to show the recipient that you’re willing to put in extra effort to show how much you care.  While living in an age of abundant technology, gifting can help push through the constant noise, and bring a moment of nostalgia and connection to your clients and employees.  What are the best gifting circumstances? 1.After Your Initial Meeting  There is a lot of preparation work that happens before meeting with your client. You research thoroughly, develop your

Did you know, it’s 5 times more expensive to attract a new client, than it is to retain an existing client? The easiest way to retain your clients is to build personal and thoughtful relationships over time. Delighting your clients doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are a few easy ways to make your clients feel special.  Acknowledge Important Moments: A simple way to build a relationship with your client is to help them celebrate their happy life moments. Keep a record of your client’s important life moments, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and business milestones. Then, give them a call or

As you well know, showing appreciation to your clients goes a long way in building a strong relationship that can overcome any market downturns, or rough quarters. But sometimes it can be challenging to figure out the right way to show your appreciation.  Clients don’t see branded merchandise as a thoughtful and meaningful way to connect, so it’s important to think outside the box. Sometimes, a gift for your clients’ child can do just the trick. Knowing that your clients are in tune with their finances, offering financial literacy for their children can be a great way to create a meaningful

There has been an abundance of research supporting that thoughtful and personalized gifts can strengthen the relationship between you and your clients. But, is it possible to support worthy causes while doing so? The answer is yes. In the last few years, a multitude of businesses have grown that support charitable causes. This makes it extra special to consider giving to both your clients and a deserving charity.  Below you will find a list of 5 companies that offer gifts that continue to give. 1.Cupanion is a Canadian based company with the mission of getting rid of single use bottles. They have