Whether you've been a financial advisor for years, or you're just starting out, the number one rule for success is: Keep What's Yours. Specifically keep your clients, by continually practicing the science of client retention. Your client retention strategy is the sum total of all activities that ensure each and every one of your clients is happy, recommends your services and continues to do business with you. Studies show that client retention is the single most important activity for any company. After all, it doesn’t matter how many new clients you bring in if you can’t keep them. When evaluating your client retention

5. “Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” Many companies think that generic cards will keep their clients happy. The problem is, this doesn’t show your clients how much you care. The reason you send cards, is to establish an ongoing and lasting relationship with your client. If your card isn’t personalized, you’re missing the thoughtful touch that your clients are longing for. Gather information ahead of time: What holidays does your client celebrate? Do they go somewhere special during the holidays? These are details you’ll want to address in your personalized cards.

With the holidays rolling around, many advisors are struggling to figure out what gifts their clients would appreciate. The criteria that defines a great gift is: It should be about them, not about you. Make sure that the only branding on your gift is your clients. Don’t give them something with your logo on it. It should show that you value their business It should be thoughtful and look like it required effort With this criteria in mind, here are 5 gifts that advisors can rely on to help build a relationship: A gift for the soul. If you get your clients a spa

When it comes to client appreciation gifts, we’ve noticed several patterns for when businesses choose to create them in-house, and when they find they are better served by outsourcing that particular task. To help you make your own informed decision, here are the top five signs that an advisors should outsource their client gifts: 1. You are struggling to find more hours in the day for your core business. Most advisors already feel like they don't have enough time to manage their business development activities, run their offices, return calls and prepare for meetings. If you find yourself struggling to shop for a